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The ICF supports a strong and growing community. Cystinuria is not a common disease, but with excellent networking among those who are affected, it can seem like one. We aim to foster communication between members of the cystinuric community and bridge the gaps between patient, physician, and the the Foundation itself. Both the Cystinuria Forums and the President's Blog are open for public comment and participation.

Cystinuria Forums

The Cystinuria Forums host a growing online community of people interested in cystinuria-related discussion. The discussion among cystinuric individuals has been key in progressing the communal understanding of the disease. The Cystinuria Forums see participation from cystinuric individuals around the globe, making it a truly international effort. Dr. David Goldfarb of NYU and St. Vincent's Hospital has added tremendous value to the forums by continuously donating his time to answering technical questions regarding cystinuria in the "Ask the Medical Panel" forum.

The forums are open to the public and free to join. While any person can read and learn from the information posted to the forums, only registered forum members can participate in discussion. Please be aware that these topics and responses are archived and fully searchable for the benefit of outside readers looking for information. Thus, we discourage the posting of sensitive or private material, and we encourage the use of "pen-name" usernames if privacy concerns are an issue.

Subscribe to the ICF

Some Foundation resources are not available to the general public in accordance with copyright-holder permission or for security reasons. The ICF has collected these reference materials for personal educational use by the ICF community. To access these materials, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Become an ICF Community Forum member, if you are not one already.
  2. Find the forum at the bottom of the list (under "Administration and Subscriber Information") titled "Become an ICF Subscriber". Click on the forum link, and use the username and password provided in the forum description.
  3. Complete the Subscriber Registration Form by providing your information. You will immediatly receive the information necessary to log into the ICF Private Library via e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact for personalized assistance.

President's Blog

The President's Blog is a new feature spun from the need for informal communication. Often, there are people to thank on a personal level or updates on project progress to be made before that project is completed and officially posted to the website. The President's Blog serves as an outlet for those things which do not fit neatly into a category on the main website. Comments are welcome!

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